Composition of the RCC

The Rights of the Child Commission is composed of fifteen (15) voting members and three (3) ex-oficio members. The latter three (3) are duly nominated representatives of the other three (3) human rights constitutional commissions i.e. Women & Gender Equality; Indigenous Peoples and Ethnic Relations.

The core membership of the RCC for the period being reported on consists of the following persons listed hereunder who are representative of a broad spectrum of interest groups, and from which number a Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson were duly elected.

Aleema Nasir


Ms. Nasir is a formally qualified and trained counselor and social worker of many years’ experience.

She is the current President of the Women’s Organisation of the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (C.I.O.G.), (NACOSA) and a member of the Central Executive of the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG). She serves as the main counselor for CIOG.

Rosemary Benjamin-Noble

Deputy Chairperson

Mrs. Benjamin-Noble is a West-Indian trained Attorney-at-Law and has worked for many years on women’s and children’s issues primarily through her membership of the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers and association with other women’s organisations.

She holds a Master’s Degree in International Education. She also served several years ago as the co – ordinator of the Children’s Bills Project (in collaboration with MLHSSS) which resulted in five new pieces of children’s legislation.

Sandra Hooper


Mrs. Hooper is a formally qualified social worker of over forty years’ experience. She worked as a Government Youth Officer for sixteen years, followed by seventeen years as Director of the Municipal Daycare Service.

She has held principal positions in various social organizations and in the Anglican community serves on the Diocesan Council and chairs the Family Life Commission.

Mrs. Hooper was also a member for several years of the precursor to the RCC i.e. the National Commission on the Rights of the Child – Presidential commission (now defunct).

Colleen Anthony


Ms. (Rev.) Anthony represents the Christian religion and is a formally qualified and trained counselor and social worker.

She serves in the capacity of Probation and Welfare Officer.

Sarojanie Rambaran


Mrs. Rambaran represents the Hindu religion. She is a counselor and educator of many years’ experience.

She is also a member of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha and has served for many years as a member of Mahela Mandela, its women’s arm.

Yvonne Fox


Mrs. Fox is a trained educator, having been a teacher and later principal for many years. A graduate of the George Meany Labour College, USA, Mrs. Fox also has given yeoman service representing the Guyana Teacher’sUnion (GTU) including as President of its women’s arm.

Throughout the years Mrs. Fox served as Co-ordinator of the Teachers upgrading classes in the Georgetown District for years, and is a former Vice-Chairperson of the Legal Aid Clinic of Guyana.

She is a member of the Education sub-committee of the Rights of the Child Commission and an honoree by the Women and Gender Equality Commission in August, 2011.

Marissa Massiah


Ms. Massiah is an undergraduate in International Relations, and is currently reading for a Masters Degree in Project Management.

She is a certified Community Facilitator. Her work experience includes servicing as Volunteer Relations Co-ordinator with Habitat for Humanity in Guyana (Poverty Housing Reduction).

Kaloutie (Pamela) Nauth


Ms. Nauth is a professional social worker and court-appointed mediator.

She is the current President of the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA) and Director of Help and Shelter Inc.

Michelle Kalamandeen


Ms. Kalamandeen represents the Rights of Children (ROC) organisation. She co-founded ROC in 1998 and has conducted child rights advocacy training workshops throughout Guyana and community opportunity for addressing issue/

She also developed numerous youth campaigns aimed at racial harmony, co-developed the preamble of the Guyanese Constitution and is a board member of the Guyana Human Rights Association. Michelle is an environmental lecturer at the University of Guyana.

Bibi Shariman Ali


Mrs. Shariman Ali is a qualified teacher and educator of a significant number of years’ experience.

She currently serves in a senior administrative position within the Ministry of Education.

Sulley Findlay-Williams


Mrs. Findlay-Williams is a University graduate in Communications.

Kwame McCoy


Mr. McCoy is one of two nominated representatives of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security.

He is formally trained in public communications and has served in several capacities related to public relations within the state and government structure within the past fifteen years.

Hyacinth (Cynthia) Massay


Ms. Massay is a physiotherapist with post graduate training in Health Management.

She is currently employed as Rehabilitation Officer in charge of the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre – an organization which provides physical rehabilitation services for children with developmental disabilities.

Nicole Cole

Rep. of Women and Gender Equality Commission

Ms. Cole is a professional social work practitioner with extensive experience conducting intervention at all levels. The holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Ms. Cole has served with Youth Challenge International/Guyana; OXFAM/GB/European Commission Humanitarian Aid; Every Child Guyana and the National AIDS Programme Secretariat.

Currently she supervises and monitors Outreach Workers and among other things, facilitates support groups on domestic violence, hygiene, ensuring close collaboration with FBO, CBO, NGO and other community and social support services in the community.

Marco DeSouza

Rep. of the Indigenous Peoples Commission

Mr. DeSouza is an active leader and counselor in the Moruca community.

He has served for several years as toshau (leader) of the Moruca Amerindian Village Council.

Shirley Ferguson

Member (Deceased)

Mrs. Ferguson held a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a post graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance and Counselling. She served for many years as a career advisor and in educational institutions, and garnered extensive experience with the London Borough Council promoting equal rights and opportunity and serving as a board member.

Prior to the appointment of the RCC – a constitutional commission – Mrs. Ferguson served for ten (10) years as the Co-ordinator of the National Commission on the Rights of the Child (precursor to RCC). She was engaged in several important assignments within the Child Care and Protection Agency. The RCC honors Mrs. Ferguson for her sterling contributions during her lifetime.

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